First, kneel down. 

What? No, no, we really—

Will ‘ya just do it?


I already am a real racer! ...And I'm gonna win!
A ball who looked like Sour Bill in every way except his smile wandered in. "Why, hello!" ((You told me to live my dream so I tried. XD))

"Erm… Hi?" He replied, staring suspiciously.

(( If you can dream it, you can do it. ))

"Do you want to build a go kaaaaart? It doesn't have to be a snow kart."

"Go away or face a day in the fungeon."




“I understand. Do you have time to play? Let’s go play like we use to” she smiled as she wiped her eyes.

“Play like we used to? Well… I suppose I do have a little time to spare.” He though for a moment, looking down before blinking. “Sure, Luna.” He finally replied, turning his attention back to the girl.

Luna smiled happily and picked him up in her arms, “to the tree house!” She ran out the palace towards the house.

“Ack! Luna, n-n-not so face, you’re wearing me out, and I’m not even running!” He yelped under her arms.


"Alright. Okay. I’ll bite. Why did they?" 

“Because.” He chuckled. “They had to subdue the government’s hatred towards the seemingly mindless pastime of video games; thus resulting in an obligatory kerfuffle with the US Congress, aha! Aha!”


"Oh come on that was hilarious." 

“Frankly, I don’t find your behavior amusing, at all. Now, if you want to hear true comedy, brace yourself for this…

Why did the 1988 arcade revolutionists cross the road?”




"Hey Bill. You might wanna go lay down." 


“And why’s that, Mr. Orangeboar?”

"You’re looking a little green."