Disney Villains WeekDay 1 - Favorite underrated villain

King Candy

“You know what’s gonna happen when the players see you glitching?
They’re gonna think the game’s broken! 




That Sour Bill, man. Let’s talk about that Sour Bill. I sure did have a phase. I phase that shall never be spoken of again. But MAN did it involve Sour Bill. 

Sour Bill is awesome.

He sure is! And Alison from a year ago would agree with you even more!

“Alison from a year ago was a wise lass. Unlike some clock-obsessed rabble rousers I know.”


I couldn’t help myself

[Wait, your muse's name is Billard? Is that a headcanon or canon?]

I claim Sour Bill as my own, this is canon.

((His name is Billard? ... Citrusella is SO gonna find that out someday. And tease him. XP))

{ Ya didn’t hear it from me~ }

  • LEGAL NAME: Sour Billard “Billiam” Candysworth
  • ALIAS[ES]: Sour Bill
  • DATE OF BIRTH: May 15
  • GENDER | SPECIES: Male Sour Ball
  • PLACE OF BIRTH: Sugar Rush
  • CURRENT LIVING CONDITIONS: In the Sugar Rush Castle
  • SPOKEN LANGUAGES: Every language known to man
  • EDUCATION: Studied at The Royal Adviser Institution of Litwak’s Arcade
  • OCCUPATION: Royal adviser to President Vanellope Von Schweetz
  • DRINK | SMOKE | DRUGS: Despises all three
  • LIKE[S]: Reading, his family, solitude, respect, high praise
  • DISLIKE[S] Wreck-It Ralph, intruders, hugs, most kids, savages, adventures, nonsense, Gloyd Orangeboar, Vanellope’s teasing, Vanellope’s involvement with romance, Vanellope’s sassy attitude, Vanellope’s regulations, Vanellope’s disobedience, Vanellope’s lingo, Vanellope’s fashion, Vanellope’s unconventional attitude, cake
  • FEAR[S]: Wreck-It Ralph
  • PERSONALITY TRAITS: Dignified, stern, hot tempered, mysterious, compassionate, loyal, gloomy, fatherly, supposedly narcissistic, though it’s truly a mask for his insecurity


  • HAIRCOLOR Unavailable
  • EYE COLOR: Acid Green
  • TATTOOS: Impossible
  • PIERCINGS: Impossible


  • SIBLING[S] Several multicolored sour balls with indentical appearances, mixed genders, and names beginning with the letter B
  • PARENT[S]: Sour Bernice and Sour Bennett
  • CHILDREN: Despite his programming, his primary priority is Vanellope, whom he treats like a daughter
  • PET[S]: Hates animals


  • RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Romantically obsessed with a fiery beauty.

{ For those wondering where you can now find me. I’m always willing to chat, here~. }